Inspired by the classic Text Twist, Spelling Sea comes in a more streamlined package and includes a second game mode.

In the Classic mode, you are given six letters and five minutes. You earn points by spelling as many words as possible with the six letters. Once you've found the six letter word, you can move on to the next word and wrack up an even higher score!

The Target mode is more relaxed. There's no time limit, and the score is there just for fun. You get nine letters, one of which is the Target. Each word you make must contain the target letter.

To play, simply click on the game mode you wish to play. Then, use your keyboard to type out the words you see in the letter scramble. In the classic mode, you can use the "/" key (next to the right shift button) to quickly skip to the next puzzle once you've found the six letter word.

If you desperately want to know the solution and just can't figure it out, you can press F2 to display every word in a puzzle.

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